It All Depends

Admiring the corporality of animals, we’re parked in the ghost car. I have an indoor question: How many misspelled thoughts must I have, anyway? There’s nothing more beautiful than wanting the [...]

Afternoon Rendezvous

The temperature crawls through the room. I swallow you, like a glass of water. On the floor, our deserted clothes rest comfortably as a sleeping husband recovering from a cardiac event. Your [...]

Perfect Background Music

How does one build a robot snake? Like the Little Mermaid, with different kinds of scales, and a tail with a rattle?  I’ve studied elastic statues, and I can assure you that skin is of no use. [...]

Even the Trees

Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air, Randal? It’s not good to stay indoors and vanish. There was no arguing with Aunt Jane. Of course, the new apparatus had arrived and was dancing, [...]

Ken Plans a Trip to Toys R Us

  Your long beautiful legs, candy kiss smile—almost too perfect. Million dollar valentine, your ideas of perfection were far from flawless. My voicemails unanswered, I stopped by Wednesday, after [...]

What I Liked About You

Lost in sleep’s dark river, you, untranslatable, like a photograph of perfume. And that’s what I liked about you: shipwrecked heart, inescapable smile, Novocain eyes— like opium-soaked cloisonné. [...]

U.S. Military Occupation

MATERIAL HANDLER*  Loads, unloads, and moves materials, including Jesus slippers, grid squares, dynamited chicken, and left-handed monkey wrenches within or near plant, yard, or work site; A [...]

They’re Reading My Mind Again

I feel it when I’m asleep. Sometimes when I’m awake, too.  Those damn magnetic fields.  My girlfriend, Raylene, says I should relax.  I tell her it’s hard to relax when you’re in Demolition.  It [...]

Since Dad Left

On my street, the trees don’t know their names.   Paper boys are paper girls, who invisibly arrive and vanish at dawn.   Our house, the one the color of milk,   is surrounded by [...]

Perfect Background Music

    How does one build a robot snake, like the Little Mermaid, but with different kinds of scales, and a tail with a rattle?  I’ve studied elastic statues, and I can assure you, skin is of no [...]


  Years of sleep, that’s what we are, nervous music howling at itself, enormous, as this world and the next, bedrooms filled with little Elvises gyrating in an orchard of tears. It’s S.R.O. [...]

I Am A Telephone

The dog barked all morning. The green trees breathed blue air.   I’m resting now, on the motel bed, the TV watching me.   I am a telephone. Why don’t you call?   Blood-black night [...]

Last Night at the Holiday Inn

The rain patters on the roof, like soft applause. I’m listening, closely. Very closely. Constant acceleration. You can hear the sky, swarming, shivering. Listen. Low altitude velocity. Before I [...]


Early Sunday morning, just outside Hazard, the local farmers ganged together in their John Deeres to mow down the crop circles. The ones no one ever talked about. Then, they got good and drunk, [...]

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