Bee Eratic

It’s not your sting I fear, nor the frenzied crush of your yellow thrashing, but your faithless hoverings— nearer to me, than I am to myself— until, like the electricity of sudden shock, you flit [...]

Echo Park

Of course, setting fire to birds is wrong. Even if everybody else is doing it. Anyway, you have to catch them first. A couple of times I nearly died in my sleep, but like that lady doctor said, [...]

Note to Self

I am my own equivalent. I’m named after myself. I’m someone who’s memorized a secret vocabulary to describe the future. I believe the world is alphabetical, that it’s moving unstoppably from A to [...]


I’m on safari.  Outside my body. Unprotected.  No SPF. You take your chances.  May be an algorithmic mistake.  I’m pursuing an animal-less circus.  Butterflies taste with their feet.  Left to my [...]